Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vancouver 2010: Canada Pavilion

A lost opportunity and perhaps an illegal move by the Conservative government. Where's the sense of pride and inspiration we want to communicate about our country? Ian Chodikoff, editor of Canadian Architect, has also weighed in in a National Post article.

Here's what our Heritage Minister, James Moore, has to say about the $10-million pavilion: "it's going to be a destination for people to come and enjoy the games, not to stand with folded arms and have an architectural experience." Are they really that divorced in his mind?

Canada has a wealth of architectural talent that could have been tapped to produce a building that more accurately reflects this dynamic and engaged country.


CG said...

What do you expect when your Heritage Minister spends half his time trying to get UFC fights in Vancouver? Fine art?

CM McLellan said...

The man's cultural values are seriously skewed. But then, everything flows from the top.

Rikia said...

1. It looks worse in person.

2. The spin is that they were saving money and couldn't afford an architect, but they spent $10.4 million on a tent.

3. Why is the Canada Pavilion red, white and blue?

CG said...

Not only does Moore follow a number of fighters on Twitter he has also had meetings with UFC executives to lobby for a Vancouver UFC event.

"Had excellent mtg w/executives from Ultimate Fighting Championship. I want a Vancouver event next year. Working on it," the Heritage minister Tweeted in October.