Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vancouver Biennale

On July 15, an abundance of public art will begin populating our city as the 2009-2011 edition of the Vancouver Biennale ramps up. Installation runs from July until September and includes 30 major sculpture pieces and 60+ new media works.

As with the inaugural 2005-2007 biennale, some pieces will be retained at the end of the show. Let's hope for a better reception for these than that of Dennis Oppenheimer's Device to Root Out Evil, which after much consternation ended up at the Glenbow Museum in Calgary.

The objective of the show is to engage the city in a dialogue about art and the social value of public spaces and judging by the last go round, it succeeds wildly.

Now, if they'd just been able to keep John Henry's Jaguar.

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