Monday, March 1, 2010

Visions of B.C.

Along with the ongoing Leonardo da Vinci exhibition, the Vancouver Art Gallery is presenting
Visions of British Columbia: A Landscape Manual.

It's a superb show that focuses on our great province and the integral role- as is the Canadian preoccupation- that the landscape has played in the arts and on our psyche.

Works by a diverse complement of B.C. artists are here, including Don Jarvis, B.C. Binning, Jack Shadbolt, Jeff Wall and Brian Jungen among many others.

The visual arts are paired with choice quotes from B.C. writers such as Malcolm Lowry, John Vaillant and Emily Carr that foster a meaningful connection between disciplines.

It's always nice to see works from the VAG's substantial local collection; the diversity of artists gives the show a satisfying historical breadth.

Visions of British Columbia is curated by Bruce Grenville and Emmy Lee and runs until April 18, 2010.

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