Sunday, February 6, 2011

Case Residence

In case you missed it...Adele Weder's insightful article on RJ Thom's Case Residence in West Vancouver.

Currently for sale and needing some work, the house was built by Dennis Case himself with Thom's close guidance. It is one of Thom's most resonant if idiosyncratic works, based on a grid system with remarkable spatial complexity.

For $1 million you could do worse than scoop an essential piece of Vancouver's modernist legacy.


Cameron said...

I wish I had the money. I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

CM McLellan said...

Likewise...they don't often come around like this. It needs a deft and respectful hand to bring it back.

Cameron said...

This is the second one I've seen come up in recent years. The Moult house came up a few years ago. I went to the open house and the interior was the same as when it was photographed for Shadbolt's book; right down to the picture of the owl over the fireplace.

CM McLellan said...

Would really have liked to see the Moult house.