Monday, May 9, 2011

RAIC Awards

Architecture Canada–RAIC recently handed out awards of excellence, a few of which have a Vancouver connection.

Adele Weder has won the President's Award for Architectural Journalism for her Canadian Architect article Call of the Wild. Weder's writing is consistently insightful and nuanced and has enriched the local and national architectural dialogue.

The Prix du XXe Siecle awards have also been announced and include two career-defining Arthur Erickson works: The Museum of Anthropology (1971-1976) and Robson Square (1973-1983).

The awards recognize buildings that have had a lasting impact and contribute significantly to the cultural fabric of the country. These are buildings that have earned the description "iconic."

Also on the list are John B. Parkin's Ottawa Train Station and Clifford Wiens' Heating and Cooling Plant in Saskatchewan.

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