Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Vancouver Heritage Restoration Program

A few weeks ago Adele Weder published a great piece in the Tyee concerning Vancouver's erstwhile heritage restoration program. At the top of the list of buildings to feel the pinch is the Dal Grauer Substation on Burrard Street. Weder refers to it as a 'gem' and it truly is; it has, unfortunately, been allowed to fade over the years, to the point where it's become almost unnoticeable along one of the city's busiest strips.

But the bones are there and a restoration on this building - including the BC Binning designed colour scheme - would add great flourish to Burrard and tie back in nicely with the Electra next door. As Weder points out, it would also go well beyond mere 'decorating' to remind Vancouverites of the exciting confluence of business, modern architecture and art that the building so beautifully represents.

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