Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Graham Residence

In recent weeks the story of the Graham Residence in West Vancouver has received coverage in Vancouver papers. Some links are below.

The condensed story is that the owner of the Arthur Erickson-designed house has applied for a demolition permit, due to an apparent state of disrepair.

Designed in 1962, it is one of the iconic houses in Vancouver, owing much of it's success to Erickson's beautiful handling of the architecture as it steps down a dramatic rocky site above Howe Sound. All the west coast elements are here: large expanses of glass, copious wood, post and beam construction and a conscious relationship to the elements.

Erickson's own book on his work (Tundra Books, 1973) showcases the house well through Simon Scott's photography and shows some commonalities with the later and more well-known Smith Residence.

It's unclear if it will be saved; let's keep our fingers crossed.

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