Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Lantern Goes Out

See Frances Bula's
blog for a post about the recently kiboshed Lantern Residence that was part of West Vancouver's pilot project for infill housing.

A sensitive piece of architecture designed by Barry Downs, it would have been an ideal starting point for density in the municipality and a fitting testament to Downs' mastery of site. If council can't work up the courage to move ahead confidently on a proposal this strong, it begs asking what they are waiting for.

Bula's blog has the full text of Rick Gruneau's letter explaining their decision to withdraw from the project.

Disappointing all around: for the clients, Barry Downs and West Vancouver.

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Cameron said...

This really is a shame. We seem to be facing an uphill battle. Council seems afraid to vote for anything but the status quo, while economics and environmental sustainability suggest they do otherwise. What's it going to take to get council to get on board with what staff and the citizens of the community support? If they aren't going to give their support, why vote in favour of the pilot project in the first place?