Sunday, July 25, 2010


Hotson Bakker Boniface Haden has been selected as architects of the new UBC AMS Student Union Building.
Two others firms had been short-listed in addition to HBBH+BH: Bing Thom Architects and Busby Perkins+Will. To the AMS's credit, the selection process was comprehensive and engaged.
Some first thoughts on the SUB design from HBBH+BH. See their SUB-specific website for full text:
"The new SUB will function like an agora - an arena for the community to express its values. It will be a space where student culture will flourish. Local values can be expressed in light of global concerns."
Sustainability was a key part of their submission, stressing a 'green' approach to the design. So was accessibility and transparency, particularly important given the student population who will be using the building. HBBH+HB also introduced the idea of a 'design cube' (pictured above) - an on-site office to work from to better engage the campus community.

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